American Bar Association Launch Grit Project

grit projectnew

In an effort to increase the proportion of female partners in US law firms, the American Bar Association has launched a new initiative to teach women in law about useful traits for success at the top.

The Grit Project is aimed at educating women about grit and growth mindset, attributes that were particularly prevalent in a recent study of women lawyers in AmLaw 200 firms. Grit (defined by the ABA as “perseverance and passion for long-term goals”) and a growth mindset (the view that one’s abilities can be developed) were found to be important tools for successful female attorneys at leading law firms.

The ABA have now released an online Grit Project Toolkit, providing bar associations, law firms and female attorneys themselves with the information and resources needed to learn and teach about grit and growth mindset. For more information and to download the kit, go here.

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