Chambers Diversity is celebrating Black History Month! Throughout October we will be posting articles to shine a spotlight on the great successes that black, minority and ethnic lawyers have enjoyed, as well as the issues they still face to achieve equality in the legal profession. John_Roberts_QC_resizedFrom shining a spotlight on diversity champions, to raising awareness of existing initiatives and examining the level of equality in specific jurisdictions and practice areas, Chambers Diversity will be supporting this fantastic movement. In addition to this, keep your eyes peeled for special guest contributions from practicing lawyers and barristers. They will be sharing their experiences and looking to the future of black, minority and ethnic lawyers. To kick us off, Rumbie Mugadza takes a look at Dr John Anthony Roberts QC, CBE. As we enter Black History Month it seems like a great time to think about all the great legal minds that have pioneered and trail-blazed for black, minority and ethnic people to  step into the profession and make a positive difference. We hope to inspire and inform with a look at some of the giants upon whose shoulders we stand.

Our series begins with a look at Dr John Anthony Roberts QC. Born in 1928 in Sierra Leone, he studied law and was called to the bar in 1969. In 1988, he became the first person of African ancestry to be appointed Queen’s Counsel. It may seem like nothing now, but without these pioneers venturing out into the unknown, it wouldn’t be so commonplace now. The journey of a million miles begins with one small step in the right direction. Sometimes it’s nice to know you can simply walk in someone else’s footsteps and trust that they are pointing the right way.

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