Challenges and Opportunities for Women in Their Legal Career

On Monday 24th October, Chambers & Partners was delighted to hold a Diversity Seminar at the Ritz-Carlton in Santiago, Chile in association with Carey.

Because law has traditiocvodvxswcaabxr7nally been a male – dominated profession, this event attempted to explore the structure of traditional gender roles that made it markedly harder for female lawyers to achieve the highest tiers of the legal practice within law firms.

The session started with a welcoming speech by Jaime Carey, Senior Partner at Carey, who brought his vision about how gender diversity ought to be of paramount importance for law firms when recruiting, promoting and retaining female lawyers. He was followed by Trish Gyorey, Partner at McKinsey & Company  who spoke about women’s contribution to the economy, barriers to professional development and measures to overcome them in today’s current working climate.

After this valuable insight, we continued our engaging discussion with Michele DeStefano, Professor of the University of Miami School of Law and Founder & Director of LawWithoutWalls, who focused on giving a thorough and interactive lecture by identifying the skills that contribute to women’s career progression through technology, teamwork and creative problem solving skills. Finally, Maria Eugenia Sandoval, Judge of the Chilean Supreme Court, provided a comprehensive  approach of how women played a pioneering role within the various judicial domains in Chile.

We at Chambers Diversity were pleased to see a high number of leading legal professionals across an array of industry sectors from Chile, Peru, Argentina, Brazil and Mexico among others.


For further details of the event, please click on this link
We look forward to the next diversity event!
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