Event: Women @ The Chancery Bar, 7th November

Overview: The Chancery Bar Association invites female students interested in a career at the Chancery Bar to its ‘Women @ Chancery Bar’ event (details below.)

Event Type: Careers

When: 7th November 2017, 2pm-5.30pm (registration from 1.30pm)

Venue: Sherrard Room, Rutledge Suite, Middle Temple, London EC4Y 9AT

Cost: Admission is free and open to all students, not just law students, but spaces are very limited.

Register here.


Maria Shekedermian QC of Wilberforce Chambers explains what factors influenced the Association to put on the event and what she hopes female applicants will get out of it:

What motivated you to put on the event?

We think there may be a perception that the solicitor’s branch of the profession is a better and more accommodating one for women, but we don’t accept that. We want to encourage women to apply to the Chancery Bar. Our message is that it’s a fantastic environment for women.

We want to encourage female students to apply for pupillage at the Chancery Bar and to show off their talents and skills. We don’t believe for a moment that there is any actual difference in ability between male and female applicants, but we have much fewer applications from women. We want to change that.

What can attendees expect from the event?

We’ve put on the event to tell those attending what the Chancery Bar is, what the components of chancery work are and why it is a great career for women.

The vast majority of our speakers and those who will be making presentations are young female members of the profession who will be talking about their practice areas, and their experiences as applicants, pupils and newly qualified practicing tenants. They will also address issues such as motherhood and parental leave, which we expect are issues that feature in female law students’ considerations ahead of setting out on their career paths.

Our speakers will share their experiences in a series of short talks to give potential applicants a sense of what life is really like at the Chancery Bar. We will also shed light on the application process, as well as providing a panel discussion and Q&A followed by drinks and networking.

What do you hope to achieve through putting on this event, and others like it?

Our goal is to encourage women not to be put off, or to assume that they can’t have an exciting and fulfilling career at the Chancery Bar. We want to give women the confidence and the tools to make pupillage applications that truly reflect their abilities.