Thoughts for 2016: Charlotte Proudman

Charlotte Proudman
Charlotte Proudman

2015 has been a year of high profile media debate about diversity at the Bar. We know that gender discrimination is rife. What could be a better example than Lord Sumption’s sexist comments that gender equality would have appalling consequences for justice. Some men believe that men have a superior intellect to women.

Next year I don’t want to debate whether gender inequality is an issue in the law profession when only around 12% of QCs are women, and around 20% of judges are women. The UK is one of the worst countries  in Europe for gender equality amongst the judiciary. I want to see strong support for quotas for women at the Bar and the Judiciary. It’s time that we pulled together and collectively supported women’s equal participation in the law profession. If you believe in equality then there can be no justification than supporting anything less than quotas. Women are half the human race. Our minority status in law is undermining our democracy.

Charlotte Proudman is a barrister at Mansfield Chambers. Follow Charlotte on Twitter.

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